Little Rock Food Cast interview

Sat down with Little Rock Food Cast last night and recorded my first interview with Steve Shuler. Will try not to ramble on here as I did enough of that in the interview. We talked about how I got started brewing, the history and legacy of Vino’s Brewery, one of my favorite places to breathe, to draw inspiration from in Little Rock at Dunbar Community Garden, and future of Moody Brews. Give it a listen if you’re so inclined!

Crafter of beer. worker in progress.

Josiah Moody



Craft beer for workers in progress

MoodyBrews is in the initial stages of creating craft beer, and also discovering what blogging (is that pronounced with a hard or soft “l”?) is all about.

I decided to forego the standard website route and attempt to make an online presence more engaging with people interested in what MoodyBrews is all about. I am finding that I’m a brewer not a blogger, but isn’t that a perfect example of what I’m trying to do here after all? Document the journey. And one part of the journey starts with figuring out how to blog.

Thank you for your interest, I find myself at present consumed with wrapping things up at my current place of employment, planning the ins and outs of my first brew, and becoming a father for the first time. I will get better on here, but in the meantime, here are some photos for labels. Many revisions were made, mostly in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my Grandmother (the artist), then put into digital form by my very talented little sister. I suppose that means it’s a family effort.

Best to you all.

Josiah H. Moody

Crafter of beer. Worker in progress.

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